Would you like to entertain your guests with a real special treat? Our exotic animal zoo has entertainment for the entire evening. We deliver a high quality, upscale, very eccentric and super original form of entertainment for your event, that will keep your guests talking for quite some time!

What you can expect:
A corner of your event area will be dedicated to a classic playground for our exotic animals, where they climb, roam, chill, play, fight, groom themselves (and others), do tricks and lots of naughtiness and spread the love of our animal kingdom...

Our animals are professional female and/or male  models/performers/acrobats transformed into exotic animals with nothing more than high quality paint! (incl. a crotch pasty and/or nipple pasties, depending on your state/licensing.)

All our animals look and perform highly professional and are painted by world-class airbrush artists.

As all our animals roam the same zoo area, there will be lots of interaction between lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, but also snakes, peacocks, macaws, lizards or even mermaids and unicorns! You name it! 

Their playfulness, naughtiness and disobedience to our super sexy zookeepster (btw all bodypainted as well, except for her hat…) give a whole night of great entertainment.

To keep the naughty animals in and the drunk out, there’s fencing around the zoo area, where animals will come close to the audience to greet and play with them.

Making pictures is a must for many guests and we like to offer a step&repeat banner with your own logo on it, as a great professional backdrop. A hired photographer is a possibility, although we have experienced more pictures are made by the guests themselves and so more advertising for your company is done, while your guests’ photos are blasting on facebook, instagram, etc.

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